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Culture and World Heritage Sites

The Kathmandu Valley is a magical place with wonderful palaces, temples and monasteries which are a “must” for your visit.

bodanath stupa nepal

Bodanath Stupa

The valley is home to the ancient Malla Kingdom capitals of Bhaktapur (a world heritage site), Patan and Kathmandu itself. This green and fertile valley, with its pleasant climate, has a myriad of palaces and temples, several of which you will have time to explore with our excellent guide, Anita. The Holy Shiva Temple of Pashupatinath, being one and the magnificent Buddhist Stupa of Bodanath being another. We will guide you to as many of these as we can fit into your trip.

stone elephants bhaktapur

Stone elephants in the city of Bhaktapur

potter bhaktapur

A potter in Bhaktapur

pashupatinath temple kathmandu

Pashupatinath Temple Kathmandu

marigold garlands kathmandu

Marigold garland making in Kathmandu

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